Z Old - Our manufacturing process



SKAL certified organic cotton yarn is imported from Turkey, Pakistan, and India to Canada (SKAL certification, which included Fair Trade).


In Canada our fabric supplier knits the yarn into fabric. We only use the highest quality ring-spun combed cotton to create the following fabrics:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • 64% viscose from bamboo, 24% organic cotton and 8% Lycra
  • 90% viscose from bamboo and 10% Lycra
  • 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% organic cotton
  • 66% Hemp and 24% organic cotton

Fabric is dyed in Ontario using Azo-free dyes. This is a class of dyes that are more efficiently absorbed into natural (cellulosic) fibres resulting in less polluting run-off. Azo-free dyes are an improvement over the conventional dyes and allow a good consistency in a myriad of colours, important for high-quality dyeing, and have been tested to be free of toxic inputs.

Cut & Sew:

Apparel is cut and sewn in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.