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We Do Things Differently

“Making due” when it comes to your fit simply shouldn’t be the standard. Confidence comes from wearing clothing that compliments your body, and we believe everyone should experience the difference clothing can make when it fits you perfectly. 

Alterations Fit For You

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Repair for Longer Wear

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Fit Technology For A Fit Future

Combining excellent customer service with up-to-date technology, we are improving your shopping experience with online fit recommendations and more.

Let’s reduce returns, while decreasing your carbon footprint
—we’re here to help. 

The Future Of Customization Is Here

Customized Patterns As Unique As You Are

Zero Waste Program

At Anne Mulaire, nothing goes to waste. Not fabric, and certainly not creativity. We know that precious resources were used to create our fabric, and we want to honour them by using every inch of it—even the scraps.

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Revive Program

In 2022 we will be launching our Refresh Program to close the loop and to be able to successfully create our own circular economy within the fashion industry.

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