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On-Demand Production

Our on-demand production model allows us to produce clothing only when it is ordered. This approach contrasts with traditional manufacturing, which often involves producing large quantities of items in advance and holding them in inventory until they are needed.

Here are some key features and benefits of on-demand production:

  1. Reduced Inventory Costs: By producing goods only when they are needed, companies can significantly reduce the costs associated with storing unsold inventory.
  2. Customization: On-demand production allows for greater inclusivity and customization of products, as items can be tailored to specific customer requirements.
  3. Efficiency: This method can improve overall production efficiency and reduce waste since materials are used only when needed for a specific order.
  4. Faster Response to Market Changes: Companies can more quickly adapt to changes in market demand, reducing the risk of overproduction or underproduction.
  5. Sustainability: On-demand manufacturing is more environmentally sustainable, as it results in less waste and lower energy consumption compared to mass production.
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Every fabric has a story...

We care about what we wear. And if you’re here, it means you do too. Our products are meant to last. Our philosophy: buy better, buy less. The natural fabrics used in our clothing are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers—ever.

Our Fabrics

Our clothing isn’t just made in Canada, it’s shaped by Canada.

From fields of wild bamboo to our own in-house manufacturing site, see every step your clothing takes before landing in your forever closet.

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