Our Fabrics

Our Fabric Has a Story, Let It Be Told

We care about what we wear. If you’re here, it means you do too.

Our philosophy: buy better, buy less. The natural fabrics used in our clothing are grown without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers—ever.

Our team is dedicated to researching and testing alternative regenerative fabrics.


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Take Care

The better the care, the longer the last.

To ensure the longest lifespan of your clothing, we recommend the following care instructions for all of our fabric blends:

For long-lasting results:

For printed and embroidered garments:

Bonus Care Tips

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Need further care instructions?

If you have any other questions about caring for your Anne Mulaire clothing, please contact us. We’re happy to make sure your clothes last forever in your closet (and not in a landfill.)