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Sustainable fashion, driven by passion and inspired by daily life.

Leggings & Bumwarmers

Zero Waste

Hand-made with joy, colour, and a little bit of attitude.


Comfort for the generations. Embroidered with love. Inspired by history.
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We are so proud and honoured to carry beautiful Canada Made jewellery from different artisans that you can find in our Winnipeg Boutique.
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Shop our one-of-a-kind handmade accessories made in Winnipeg.
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Our Story

Our History

“Every fibre of our being; every fibre of our soul; every fibre of our clothing—richly inspired by our French Métis heritage and zest for life.” 

-Anne xo

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Sustainable Fashion

“I was raised to care deeply about the environment. We tread lightly on this beautiful planet, only using fabrics and supplies sourced ethically from nature.” 

-Anne xo

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Made In Canada

“Diversity. Beauty. Innovation. That’s our country. That’s our clothing. Our products aren’t just made in Canada, they are shaped by Canada.” 

-Anne xo

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