Who We Are

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Who We Are  

Driven by her respect for all people and for the planet we share, Andréanne (Anne) Mulaire Dandeneau is the owner and founder of the sustainable and size-inclusive fashion brand Anne Mulaire. Anne is deeply connected with her Anishinaabe/French Métis roots, and her company makes nature-inspired clothing on Treaty 1 territory. Anne Mulaire’s clothing lines honour Canada’s French, Indigenous, and Métis character.

Anne Mulaire delivers its products worldwide, with each piece of clothing meticulously crafted by a small team in Winnipeg. The brand offers sizes from XXS-6X, operates its own textile facilities, champions ethical and just-in-time manufacturing, and runs a successful Zero-Waste Program, part of their Return to Nature Initiative. A holistic approach to reducing waste in the fashion industry.

Andréanne worked as a stylist for Lisa Meeches on APTN's Taken for four seasons. She was awarded for her entrepreneurship by the Saint-Boniface Francophone Chamber of Commerce and also received the Excellence in Aboriginal Leadership Award from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. She designed a haute couture gown inspired by Alexander McQueen to promote the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's season. She has been featured multiple times on APTN National News as an Indigenous business owner and her business can be found on the Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto website.

Why are we here 

Anne Mulaire is an Indigenous fashion brand which exists to inspire and find regenerative solutions for people and the planet.

Our Core Values

We are resourceful and resilient: courage to change the world.

Pioneering requires courage. We will face obstacles and suspicions along our way but courage and optimism, most of all, will help us grow. We are brave in the face of the unknown and never hesitate to try something new. We welcome the change with an open mind, we are resourceful, resilient and we are not afraid to change direction.

We love our planet.

Our planet has its limits, and the only option we have as humankind is to become truly sustainable. Nature is the source of inspiration for our waste management philosophy, circular initiative, and the reason for Anne Mulaire’s being. We care deeply about the environment and have chosen to never compromise that.

We have a passion for innovation.

We create tomorrow’s solution today. We test, we learn, and we evolve—both personally and professionally. We believe that by finding small improvements every single day, we will eventually accumulate into groundbreaking innovations. Also, when facing little failures here and there, we own them, we learn from them, and we grow from them.

We respect to be respected.

Respect promotes cooperation and makes it easier for us to achieve our common goals. Respect is also about showing humility and being sensitive. To show respect is to be open and honest and to behave with integrity. We are lucky to work with talented and value driven people, united by the will to change an entire industry.

Meet the Founder & CEO  


  • 2015–2019
    Costume stylist for Lisa Meeches, host of APTN’s Taken.

  • 2016
    Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau received an entrepreneurship award from the Saint-Boniface Francophone Chamber of Commerce, recognizing her achievements in sustainable design and environment.

  • 2016
    VOILÀ Designs received the National Laurier PME Award recognizing its transition from a small to a medium-sized enterprise.

  • 2016
    Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau was awarded the Excellence in Aboriginal Leadership Award from the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba.

  • 2015
    VOILÀ Designs was awarded the Grand Prize of Fosse aux Lions (Lion’s Den in Winnipeg).

  • 2014
    The Canadian Museum for Human Rights commissioned Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau to design a unique shawl for their boutique. Performer Ginette Reno wore it while singing the national anthem at the Museum’s opening ceremonies.

  • 2013
    The Royal Winnipeg Ballet commissioned Andréanne Mulaire Dandeneau to design an Alexander McQueen-inspired haute couture gown to promote their 2012–2013 season.

  • 2013
    Costume designer for NAfro Dance Company in Winnipeg. (2004-2015)

Where It All Began

It all started in her parents' basement. At the age of 14, Anne danced in different contemporary groups unable to find comfortable dancewear, so she began to design her own. For 10 years, she designed costumes for Nafro Dance Productions which awoke her awareness of movement and cultural sensitivity. These guiding principles paired with her emphasis on comfort and style continue to inspire her collections today.

After graduating from LaSalle College School of Fashion Design in Montréal, one of Canada’s top design programs, Anne registered as a sole proprietorship under the name MJAnne Couture, in honour of her twin sister, Marie-Josée, who was, and continues to be, instrumental in fueling her creativity. Out of her parent’s basement, she launched her first collection of comfort clothing called Hug Me.

In 2009, Anne changed operating names to Voilà par Andréanne to emphasize her French héritage. At this time, her designs evolved into more structured clothing that was still comfortable, but not strictly casual wear.

Today she operates as you know her, Anne Mulaire—a name she is proud to bear, and a label you’ll be proud to wear.

Inspired by Héritage

Andréanne (Anne) Mulaire Dandeneau was born in St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba—homeland of the Red River Métis Nation to parents David and Huguette (Mulaire) Dandeneau. Her mother comes from the Red River Valley and her father comes from Penetanguishene, Treaty 61.

One of Anne’s most prominent and most influential ancestors is Catherine Mulaire, who was born in 1843 in Ile de La-cross. She was the first rural Anishinaabe/Métis teacher in the Red River Settlement, Catherine was also an accomplished seamstress whose embroidery continues to inspire the designs of Anne Mulaire, today.

Inspired by Héritage

Anne was raised to embrace her Anishinaabe/French Métis héritage, respect all people, and honour the planet we share—teachings that have guided her as a businesswoman, a designer, and most importantly as an individual.Her mother, Huguette, taught her the importance of honouring and respecting mother earth and to never ever forget where she came from.Her father, David, influences Anne through his art and brings his talents to the label by creating Métis prints for the company’s Heritage Collection.

Today, Huguette and David still work tirelessly and selflessly alongside Anne—motivating and inspiring her creations.