We are so proud and honoured to carry beautiful Canada Made jewellery from different artisans that you can find in our Winnipeg Boutique.

Naked Sage- Jess grew up on the West Coast of Canada, in a small town on Vancouver Island. Living close to nature has instilled in her a deep appreciation and love for the environment and the natural beauty it holds. Her love of nature combined with years of shoe-string travel have ultimately inspired the creation of Naked Sage. Handmade in BC, Canada.

Sheppards Hook jewellery has a wild, rustic expression for environmentally conscious individuals who strive to attain a bold, unique look that sets them apart from the crowd.  With strong roots in art and nature, Sheppards Hook creator Katie Sheppard is passionate about creating bold statement pieces for strong women with a refined use of colour and texture. Each piece is hand-crafted for a natural, artistic feel using naturally-shed white-tailed deer antler from the forests of Manitoba.

BWilson Collection is the creation of Bethany Wilson, a Cree/German freelance model who was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. She started out doing Indigenous Fashion Shows and has since grown her brand across Canada and the US.  She started creating the beaded earrings as a way to get closer to her heritage.  She believes that the time it takes to make each set of earrings allows her the time to pray and find healing in each beads.

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