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Victoria, BC

Since the start of the new year, I have spent countless hours at the workshop trying to finish the collection in time for the fast approaching spring season. This limits my time spent with my identical twin sister who is often away on tour with her career. Since it is important that we spend some quality time together, we decided to take mini getaway out west. On the menu? Waking up to the beautiful B.C. coastline, countless hikes through the lush green forests and closing the day with intimate dinners while catching up with one of the most important person in my life.  

While in B.C, I couldn't help but notice that while I left the snow behind, spring was waiting just around the corner! As the warm weather slowly approaches, it also becomes that time of year where I change my wardrobe around and make it spring ready. If the concept of reviving your wardrobe is a little bit scary, I have some tips on how to make a start!


The one thing I love to do with my clothing is rotate the seasonal pieces. When it comes to spring, I take some of my colder month clothing, like my warm sweaters and fleece leggings, put it into storage and make my spring items easily accessible. This is also the perfect time for me to exercise a little trick my mom showed me when I was 12, and that is to revisit my spring wardrobe and go through what doesn’t fit anymore. Instead of throwing these items away, an Eco-friendly way to re-introduce new pieces to my spring wardrobe is to gather your friends and hold a clothing swap.

The one piece I can’t wait to bring out this season is my bamboo fleece Peplum jacket!   Out of the office and into the outdoors, pairing it with the Melodie sweater and the City Pants makes it the perfect combination to battle the uncertainty of Mother Nature during this time of year!

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