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This year we have partnered with The Blue Green Planet Project to help restore our local forests. 🌲🌲🌲⁠ For every tee sold, a tree will be planted. Our goal is to be able to “Plant A Forest”, that’s 1000 trees!

The Blue Green Planet Project is on a Mission to work with purpose driven brands, like ours, to take on a tangible and practical approach to combat climate change by planting trees in Canadian soil. ⁠We’ve teamed up with Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Blue Green Planet Project to plant trees on the traditional territories of the Opaskwayak people in the Manitoban boreal forest in the Interlake Region.

*We've planted 892 trees since April 24, 2023.

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Introducing our Indigenous Artist Series, a celebration of art, heritage, and unity through collaboration with Indigenous artist across Turtle Island.  At the core of this collaboration is a shared commitment to amplifying Indigenous voices, supporting Indigenous artists, and promoting cultural preservation.

During Indigenous People Day 2023, we collaborated with Ramon Shiloh, an indigenous artist based in Portland, Oregon. Together, we created the "Legacy Feather Collection" design. Each feather in the collection represents and conveys a powerful story of heritage, acts of resilience, and the unity of all indigenous people across Turtle Island.

Each collaboration in the Artist Series will donate a portion of the profits directly to the charity of the collaborating artist's choice. In the case of Ramon Shiloh, the chosen charity was the Urban Native Education Alliance. The funds will be utilized to support and empower Indigenous communities, preserve their cultural heritage, and promote educational opportunities that encourage pride and connection among Indigenous youth.


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Donation from Remembering Pins

They are reminders to remember and honour these important events daily. The sales proceeds from each pin will go towards selected Indigenous organizations, including the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, Indigenous Veterans organizations, and Clan Mother Healing Village and Knowledge Center.

May we work toward truth and reconciliation every day.

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Water First Partnership

One of the most fundamental challenges in Canada today is the lack of sustainable access to safe, clean water for Indigenous Peoples. 

Understanding each community's unique relationship with water is crucial, especially for Indigenous communities in Canada facing complex challenges. The key to ensuring long-term access to safe, clean water lies in having skilled individuals to operate and maintain these systems.

That's why we are partnering with Water First. For every sale of our carbon-neutral products we will donated a percentage of our profit to their Clean Drinking Water Internship Program.

Together, let's make a positive impact.

Carbon Neutral Clothing

These garments prioritize a reduced carbon footprint, sourcing materials like organic cotton, bamboo, organic linen, and Tencel fibers. Opting for carbon-neutral clothing promotes a style-conscious, eco-friendly fashion revolution, contributing to the fight against climate change.