Our Supply Chain

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Our Road To Transparency

In 2021 we hired Green Story to trace our environmental footprint from seed to shelf, so we can tread as lightly on our planet as possible. Using the global standard of Life Cycle Analysis methodology, with data sourced from accredited partners around the world, we are able to bring the highest possible accuracy and transparency to our supply chain.

We invested in innovative digital customization to create seamless end-to-end integration into our e-commerce platform to show real-time visual impacts.

We believe that our customers deserve to see what sustainability looks like, so we measure and offset our carbon emissions for every product.

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From fibres to fruition, see every step your clothing takes before landing in your forever closet.


Natural Beginnings

Your finely crafted and luxury soft garments first begin their legacy in the regions of Austria, India and China as tiny little seeds that grow up to be fabric crops. Our bamboo and organic cotton are OCIA Certified and grown without any harsh chemicals or pollutants.


Spun with Care

Once the crops are made into yarn it is then shipped to Ontario Mills where 90% of all our fabrics are spun. All of our fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and AZO dye-free. We have a very close relationship with our mill manufactures and take pride that we have maintained a wonderful partnership for over 10 years.  


Knitted to Perfection

In the same knitting mills in Ontario, the majority of our fibres that have been carefully and mindfully spun, are then knitted to create our signature fabrics that are widely known for being soft, breathable, and comfortable.

Video: See into Our fabric mill

Manufactured Ethically

Our products are not only sold in Canada, they are made in Canada.  Once our fabrics are spun and milled in Ontario Canada, they set off for its second journey traveling west directly to Winnipeg Manitoba, where we own our own textile manufacturer. 

This is where the magic happens. This is the home of where all our design process takes place—from design conception to cutting, sewing, pressing, steaming, tagging— to strict oversight in quality control.  This is also where we conduct fit tests, researching new potential regenerative fabrics, and is home to our Zero Waste Program.


Ready For You

All good things take time. Our slow fashion means quality fashion. When our garments are complete, they make their way to our boutique—next door to our manufacturer—and are ready for their forever homes.


Near or Far — We Ship Responsibly Wherever You Are

The final step in our supply chain is our distribution department (right next door to our boutique) where we ship out our products to our customers.  We only use eco-friendly packaging that helps us further to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.  Specifically, for smaller orders, we use compostable mailers and for our larger orders, we use recyclable cardboard boxes.

When possible, we support a local courier company to deliver our Winnipeg-based orders. Canada Post delivers our parcels destined to travel outside of the city which is when we may have to use Canada Post boxes from time to time. However, these are still made from 60% recycled materials and can be reused and recycled for moving, or building a fort.

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