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With more than 12 years of dedicated research and development, we proudly stand as the trailblazers in Canadian bamboo fleece. Say no to imitation fleece; embrace the authenticity of our Canadian-made fleece that transcends mere sustainability.

Winter Season Leggings

Material: Made from Bamboo & MicroModal. The brushed eco fleece provides exceptional softness and insulation against the cold.

Features: Reinforced insulation, eco fleece-lined interior, and moisture-wicking technology.

Perfect For: Blend for extreme cold conditions (Winter Season). Frosty morning walks, winter hikes, and chilly outdoor activities.

Winter Leggings

Mid Season Leggings

Material: Made from Bamboo & MicroModal French Terry. A knit fabric with soft loops on the inside and a smooth surface on the outside.

Features: Balanced insulation, breathable fabric, and quick-dry technology.

Perfect For: Transitioning seasons (Spring/ Fall) brisk fall days, and indoor/outdoor activities. This weight is ideal for those who run hot as well.

MID Season Leggings

All Season Leggings

Material: Made from Bamboo & MicroModal, this lightweight yet durable fabric is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for year-round wear

Features: Moisture-wicking, breathable, and temperature-regulating fabric.

Perfect For: Everyday wear. These leggings are perfect for summer, yoga, indoor activities, and all seasons.

All Season Leggings

Care Tips for Your Winter Leggings

1. Wash with care: Keep your leggings vibrant by turning them inside out before machine washing. Cold water is their BFF.

2. Skip the dryer: Lay them flat to dry instead. This helps maintain their elasticity and ensures they're ready for the next winter adventure.

Technical Details

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Our Customers Voices

I love them

I appreciate that I can custom order the length, everything I usually order has to be shortened. I love that these leggings stay in place and never ride down.

Lucie V. - Canada

Best leggings I’ve ever worn

These leggings are literally the best leggings I have ever worn (and I wear a LOT of leggings). They are truly winter weight and very warm, the stretch is comfortable without being confining. I kind of want a pair in every color, and I wish there still all-weather weight ones with pockets available.

Andrea W.- USA

The only lounge pant you need

I've got 2 pairs of this pant and like everyone else, I live in these! They are part of my go-to weekend uniform :). Ridiculously comfortable, stretchy (without losing shape) and incredibly soft. Love!

Jill H. - Canada

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