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Fabric Care


To ensure the longest lifespan of your clothing, we recommend the following care instructions for all of our fabric blends:

For long-lasting results:

✔ Wash cold on a delicate cycle (Hot temperatures will cause garments to shrink 3-4%)

✔ Hang or lay flat to dry

✔ If your garment is colour blocked, it’s best to always wash the garment in cold water and immediately hang or lay flat to dry

For printed and embroidered garments:

✔ Turn inside out before washing

✔ Wash cold on a delicate cycle

✔ Lay flat or hang to dry

✔ Enjoy longer-lasting colour and embroidered detail

Bonus Care Tips!

Viscose from Bamboo/organic cotton is as easy to care for as any cotton t-shirt, with one exception: it is heavy when wet. Laying flat to dry when possible will help eliminate stretch, plus help conserve energy by eliminating the dryer!

We recommend washing on the delicate cycle with similar soft garments. (This means avoiding adding soft garments to loads with rough denim, metal, or Velcro.)

We recommend using Tru Earth Laundry Strips when washing your items. It’s laundry detergent that’s gentle on your skin, the environment, and your clothing.

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Need further care instructions?

If you have any other questions about caring for your Anne Mulaire clothing, please contact us. We’re happy to make sure your clothes last forever in your closet (and not in a landfill.)